IEC Area Management Plan (Draft)

As part of the planning process for the IEC, St. Joseph County and its team of consultants thoroughly studied the area existing conditions within the 7,200-acre Indiana Enterprise Center area to mitigate the impacts of future development, while still allowing for area farmers to benefit from prospective land interests, should they choose to reposition their properties, as has been done for more than 2,000-acres within the plan area. These studies were further developed with an eye on balancing proposed industrial development with existing agricultural uses, conservationism and quality of life enhancements that make the Indiana Enterprise Center a 21st Century Park.

St. Joseph County, in an effort to produce an area management plan that focuses on structured and sustainable development for western St. Joseph County, kindly requests public comment of the proposed plan draft appended hereto.

St. Joseph County has developed key questions to better understand community desires and expected outcomes. The draft plan is a flexible and editable document that has been written by experts in their fields. However, additional public comments and input is needed to ensure we address concerns and incorporate opportunities. These public comments will be instrumental in focusing the plan towards community desires, while providing necessary input to create an effective implementation strategy.

Each chapter section is available for review and download.  For each section, there are specific questions that are included in an attempt to direct discussion to make the public process efficient and engaging. Should you have additional input, we welcome other constructive and appropriate ideas for this exciting plan.

Hard copies of the plan and comment sheets are available for review at the following locations:

All comments received will be compiled and a report will be published at the conclusion of the public comment period.  In the event that the comment relates to a specific section of the plan, a note will be added to the comments report that shows where the information is in the plan, how the comment can be addressed with additional language added to the plan, or if the comment relates to items outside of the scope of the area management plan.  Additionally, all plan changes that are made as a result of the public comments or from general review will also be compiled and a report will be published at the conclusion of the public comment period.    

All input is being compiled by the Antero Group and can be directed to Online Public Comment forms are sent directly to the Antero Group.