Immunization Clinics

Immune appointment and face cover

Change in Vaccine Coverage

Starting February 1, 2012, children with private insurance that cover vaccines (including those that require a deductible, a co-pay, or percentage based coverage) will not be eligible to receive publicly funded vaccine. Parents will have to pay for the vaccine out-of-pocket and have their insurance company reimburse them for administrative fees. 

Questions For Your Health Insurance Company

If unaware of your insurance vaccine coverage, ask your health insurance company the following questions:

  • What vaccines, if any, does my child’s policy cover? (All vaccines, only specific vaccines, or no vaccines) 
  • Is the policy percentage based? (Do I pay 20% of the cost and my insurance pays the rest?)
  • Is there a yearly dollar limit for vaccine coverage? (For example, your insurance company only pays for $300 worth of vaccine.)
  • Is there a co-pay or a deductible?

Underinsured Children 

If the child’s insurance does not include any vaccine coverage, or has a yearly dollar cap in vaccine coverage and it has been met, or the insurance only covers specific vaccines, the child is still considered "underinsured" and will be able to use the publicly funded vaccine program. Children with Medicaid or no insurance are still covered under this program as well.

Immunization Clinics

Childhood immunizations are provided at both South Bend and Mishawaka locations. Immunization administrative fees are $12 per injection for eligible children, adult rates vary. Medicaid for children is accepted. Please bring your most recent and up to date copy of the immunization record.


Travel Immunizations

Travel immunizations recommended for International travelers are available at both South Bend and Mishawaka locations. We are a designated Yellow Fever vaccination center.