What should I wear to court?

Lawyers should wear professional attire. A good rule of thumb for litigants and witnesses is that they should wear clothing that they would wear to a church, wedding, or funeral. Rule LR71-AR00-102.3 of the Local rules governs Appearance and Dress:

102.3. Appearance and Dress.  
Every person who enters a courthouse in St. Joseph County should be appropriately dressed. Lawyers should appear for court proceedings in professional attire; litigants, witnesses and spectators should appear in appropriate attire. Examples of clothing that is inappropriate and is prohibited from being worn during court proceedings includes, but is not limited to: 
(1) Hats or caps; 
(2) Outer garments such as topcoats, overcoats, jackets, or overshoes; 
(3) Clothing that exposes the midriff; 
(4) Shorts of any kind; 
(5) Sleeveless shirts (i.e., “muscle shirts” and “tank tops”); 
(6) Shower shoes (i.e., rubber “flip-flops” or slides); 
(7) Suggestive or otherwise inappropriate clothing (i.e., poorly fitting, slovenly, or unclean). 

St. Joseph Local Rules

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