Who qualifies to serve as a juror?

The court shall determine if the prospective jurors are qualified to serve, or, if disabled but otherwise qualified, could serve with reasonable accommodation. In order to serve as a juror, a person shall state under oath or affirmation that he or she is:

(a)    a citizen of the United States;

(b)    at least eighteen (18) years of age;

(c)    a resident of the summoning county;

(d)    able to read, speak, and understand, the English language;

(e)    not suffering from a physical or mental disability that prevents him or her from rendering satisfactory jury service;

(f)     not under a guardianship appointment because of mental incapacity;

(g)    not a person who has had rights to vote revoked by reason of a felony conviction and whose rights to vote have not been restored; and

(h)    not a law enforcement officer, if the trial is for a criminal case.

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