Requirements of a CASA Volunteer

The CASA program involves many requirements due to the nature of the volunteer work. Even though it seems a daunting list, most requirements are simple and straightforward, requiring little to no effort on the part of the volunteer.

CASA Volunteer Requirements:  

Must be 21 years of age

Drug screening and criminal background checks are required and performed by our office

Hold a valid drivers' license

Willing to make an 18 month commitment to the program

Successfully complete the initial training of 35 hours which includes 2 hours of observing Court Proceedings

Volunteers must complete 12 hours of on-going education/in-service training annually

Make necessary time commitments to complete case obligations

Confer with the Executive Director and the CASA Supervisor

Interview all parties involved with the case

Monitor Court proceedings of assigned cases

Complete Court reports under the specified time limits

Work professionally with the Department of Child Services, CASA Supervisor, and the Court