2020 Primary Election Information



South Bend, IN – March 13, 2020 The Election Board at today’s meeting passed a motion to ask voters who are at risk for coronavirus to please consider absentee voting by mail for the 2020 Primary Election.  Elderly voters, those with respiratory issues, those in assisted living facilities, those who have a weaker immune system or anyone who wants to avoid crowds are being asked to consider this option of voting. 

To vote by mail you may request an absentee ballot application by calling 574-235-1812, print and mail to us an application from the Indiana Secretary of State’s website   or e-mail your request to the St Joseph County Absentee Voting Office at absenteevoting@sjcindiana.com

A family member or friend can request an absentee ballot application on behalf of a loved one.  Applications will be mailed to the address specified on the form by the voter.  Before you mail the application, please fill the form out completely and select your ballot type (Democrat or Republican).  Those voters in the South Bend School District that would like to vote for the Referendum ONLY; check the box that says Non-Partisan.  Please remember to sign the form and use an envelope sealer to avoid germs. If you have already mailed in a request, you do not need to re-apply.  For any application received before March 20, ballots will be mailed out on March 21 as required by state statute. We will mail out any requests or applications received after that date within 24 hours.  Deadline  to request an absentee ballot application is Thursday, April 23rd.  However, the election board urges voters to make their requests by April 9th to insure we receive the application in the mail by the deadline. 

Per state statute, the deadline for the board to accept your ballot is Election Day, Tuesday, May 5th by NOON.  If you have questions, please call 574-235-1812.

We will continue monitoring the coronavirus outbreak as Election Day approaches and take appropriate action.  Actions may include reducing the number of vote centers via emergency action in order to protect voters, poll workers and election staff.  We also will prepare for the possibility of a shortage of poll workers should the situation worsen.  Notice will be sent out by the news media, social media and signs on doors of vote centers that will not be used.

We want the voters to feel confident in the election process and want everyone who wishes to vote in this election to be able to cast their ballot.  Things may be different from past elections, but we are here to serve you and make sure your voice is heard.  We will continue to move forward in a positive manner and appreciate your understanding as we navigate this crisis.  

Contact Name:  Rita Glenn

                           St Joseph County Clerk

                           101 S. Main

                           South Bend, IN  46601