Online Driveway Permit Application

You may now apply for a driveway permit using our online form. We will notify the Building Department once we receive and begin to process the application that you have filed with our office, which should allow them to process a building permit.  Once the driveway permit is approved, and we receive payment,we will send you a copy of your approved permit. This approved permit will have a Permit Number for your records. Please expect an invoice to be emailed to you once we have determined the fee.  

Online Application

If you need a driveway permit for a new parcel that has yet to be issued an address, you may request one online from the County Surveyor. You can still submit the driveway permit without being assigned an address, and we will coordinate with the Surveyor to have the address issued to you at the time we return the approved driveway permit.  

Online Request for an Address for a New Parcel