Mask Up Michiana

Michiana Mask Initiative

mask up michThe Mission:

St. Joseph County is taking action and setting their priorities on our communities through the Mask Up Michiana Initiative. This initiative is committed to providing accessible quality information and resources that will help Michiana stay safe, connected, and protected.

The Goal: 

To have 70-80% of the community wear masks in public spaces in order to flatten the curve and create a new normal

The Method:

Focus on changing the perception around masks by providing accessible quality information to help the community understand the importance of masks.

How can you help?

  • Purchase masks and help with the Mask Up Michiana Day event July 24th

  • Attend and/or fund community events (dates coming soon)

  • Share initiative information on social media

  • Share the St. Joseph County Department of Health’s recommendations and guidelines with their participants

  • Follow us on Facebook (“Mask Up Michiana”) and Instagram (@maskupmichiana)

  • Share: “If 80% of our population wear mask in public spaces, we can help keep our region open”