About Us

The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Growth was borne out of a desire to improve customer service for St. Joseph County residents.  The Departments of Public Works, Area Plan Commission, and Economic Development are routinely in constant communication on many different public issues related to our developing region.  This merger helps break down those internal silos, enabling a more robust and engaged group with the necessary expertise to help new and existing projects move through the St. Joseph County public processes.

Vision Statement

The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Growth is dedicated to enabling smart and sustainable growth in St. Joseph County to the benefit of all its residents.

Leadership Team

Division of Economic Development – Bill Schalliol, Esq., Executive Director

Division of Planning and Zoning – Abby Wiles, AICP, Executive Director

Division of Public Works – Sky Medors, P.E., County Engineer

Office of the Surveyor – John McNamara, P.E., L.S., County Surveyor