Layer List


​The SJC GIS is responsible for creating and maintaining useful geographic data for the entire county.  
​All GIS Layers, in Shapefile format, are available for purchase. For pricing Email the SJC GIS staff.

Below are limited version layers that can be downloaded (full version of layers cost, contact the SJC GIS for further information). Choose the image to download the zip file. 

Property Shapefiles
Address Points
  • Shows all of the address points within SJC
  • Last Update- June 2020
address pts Opens in new window
  • Shows all of property that was annexed and dis-annexed within SJC
  • Last Update- February 27, 2019
annexations Opens in new window
  • Shows the outline of all structures in SJC
  • Last Update- Spring 2019
Structures Opens in new window
  • Shows the boundary of all subdivisions that from 1966 to present
  • Last Update- June 2020
subdivisions Opens in new window
Property Parcels
  • Shows all of the property parcels created by subdivision of property split
  • Last Updated- July 2020
Property Parcels Opens in new window
  • Shows all of the zoning classifications within SJC
    • Excludes: City of Mishawaka, City of South Bend, Town of Indian Village, & Town of Walkerton
  • Last Update- January 1, 2020
zoning Opens in new window
Transportation Shapefiles
Road (Street Centerline)
  • Shows all segments and names of roads within SJC
  • Last Updated- January 2020
Centerline Opens in new window
  • Shows all railroad lines that pass within SJC
  • Last Updated- January 2005
railroads Opens in new window
Environmental Shapefiles
Flood Plain Boundaries
  • Shows the location of areas that are within a flood zone
  • Last Update- June 24, 2010
flood Opens in new window
  • Shows all water bodies within SJC
  • Last Update- December 31, 2008
hydro Opens in new window
  • Shows the elevation of land
  • Last Update- December 16, 2015
Boundary Shapefiles
Census Tracts
  • Shows the boundary of all census tracts within SJC
  • Last Updated- 2010
CT Opens in new window
Municipal Boundaries
  • Shows all of the city and town boundaries within SJC
  • Last Updated- January 11, 2019
Municipal Opens in new window
Survey Section Boundaries
  • Shows all section locations within SJC
  • Last Updated- December 15, 2010
sections Opens in new window
Voter Precinct Boundaries
  • Shows the locations of all voter precincts within SJC
  • Last Update- January 2019
voter precincts Opens in new window
Zip Code Boundaries
  • Shows the locations and boundaries of the zip codes within SJC
  • Last Update- June 28, 2017
zip codes Opens in new window
Survey Section Points
  • Shows the section corners within SJC
  • Last Update- September 21, 2002
Section Pts Opens in new window
Civil Township Boundaries
  • Shows the boundary lines of the 13 Townships within SJC
  • Last Update- January 5, 2005
Civil Twp