How is the program regarded locally?

"CASA volunteers serve as the eyes and ears of the Court. They are to be commended for their interest and dedication in advocating for children. Protecting the best interest of the child is the overriding concern of every CASA volunteer." (Hon. Peter J. Nemeth, Judge, St. Joseph Probate Court) "The CASAs services are very much needed for the welfare of these children. Thank you for your dedication to these children. I can certainly understand why you want the CASA back in St. Joseph County to be reassigned to another family. She has done an outstanding job and certainly has the children’s interest at heart." (Hon. Michael D. Cook, Former Judge, Marshall Circuit Court) Local Facts: During 2020, 895 children were served by 157 volunteers who contributed tens of thousands of hours. Locally, the CASA Program of St. Joseph County is administered by the St. Joseph Probate Court.

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1. What is a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)?
2. Are CASA Programs Known By Other Names?
3. What is the CASA volunteer's role?
4. How does a CASA volunteer investigate a case?
5. How does a CASA volunteer differ from a Department of Child Services Family Case Manager?
6. How does the role of a CASA volunteer differ from an attorney?
7. Who is the "typical" CASA volunteer?
8. Can anyone be a CASA volunteer?
9. What training does a CASA volunteer receive?
10. How does the CASA volunteer relate to the child he or she represents?
11. How many cases on average does a CASA volunteer carry at a time?
12. Do lawyers, judges, and social workers support CASA?
13. How many CASA Programs are there nationally?
14. How effective are CASA Programs?
15. How much time does a case require?
16. How long does a CASA volunteer remain involved with a case?
17. Are there any other agencies or groups which provide the same service?
18. What is the role of the National CASA Association?
19. How is the program regarded locally?