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Online Data Request

  1. St. Joseph County, Indiana
    GIS Data Request Form
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  3. Data shall not be released to third parties without the express written permission of St. Joseph County. If there is a charge for this request, you will be contacted prior to processing this request.
  4. Requested by:
  5. (Include parcel number(s), or section number, range and township, or name the roads that encompass the area, or attach a copy of the legal description, or provide a map depicting the area of interest)
  6. Upload the image of the area of interest. Please make sure it is either a Pdf. or Jpeg. file format.  

  7. Delivery Method:*
  8. Government Contact*
    * If "YES", please fill out the portion below.
  9. Layers List:
    * If the requested layer is for the entire County a Provisional Data Usage Agreement will need to be completed and a $200 fee will need to be collected prior to sending the layer (Cash or Check only).
  10. Check all that apply:
  11. Check all that apply:
  12. Aerial Photography for the following years, please check all that apply:

    A $25.00 fee will be assessed for each tile (quarter square mile).

  13. Building Structures Layer, please check all that apply:
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